Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against FedEx

In  December 2013, David Koliner, 24 years old, had just pulled out of his driveway, riding his bicycle to work when he was hit by Timothy Desombre, a Federal Express truck driver.  Martin Koliner, father of David Koliner, stated that the truck driver dragged his son more than 50 feet before stopping.  David was pinned under the truck for approximately 4-hours before he was pronounced dead.

Koliner retained Chris Searcy, personal injury attorney, and on November 12, 2014, they filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Federal Express and the driver, Timothy Desombre, for the death of his son. For a Vancouver wrongful death attorney click here.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against FedEx

In a recent article posted by WPTC.com and written by Meghan McRoberts, Searcy says that test results show that Desombre had taken Hydrocodone without a proper prescription and was not driving with a valid commercial driver’s license.

Federal Express released the following statement about the lawsuit:

“We are aware of the lawsuit and will review the alleged claims regarding this tragic accident as soon as we receive the complaint. It is inappropriate for us to comment on the specifics of this situation due to the pending litigation. We can, however, affirm that safety is the top priority for FedEx Ground and the independent businesses with which we contract for transportation services. In compliance with the law, every driver providing services on behalf of FedEx Ground must pass a background check. At the time of the accident, the driver was properly licensed to operate a vehicle. He is no longer providing services on behalf of FedEx Ground.”

The death of a loved one caused by the negligent act of another can result in a wrongful death claim.  The personal representative of the estate of the deceased person has the authority to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the negligent person.

A person can file a wrongful death claim including, but not limited to:

  • Car accident fatalities involving negligence.
  • Victim dies as a result of medical malpractice.
  • Victim is intentionally killed.

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